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Mr. Fritz
"There is, incidentally, no way of talking about cats that enables one to come off as a sane person". -- Dan Greenberg

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Mr. Fritz has been teaching at CMS since 1992.  He currently resides in North Wildwood.


bullet Mother Goose Nursery School
bullet Lower Salford Elementary School
bullet Indian Valley Junior High School
bullet Souderton Area High School
bullet Villanova University
bullet University of Illinois

Cat Pictures:  Brindle (click for larger pictures)

Time for Mythbusters!

I Like Friskies

I like to read email

I like to nap on the keyboard

I don't like people

Are you ever going to turn off the computer?

I like to watch football

I don't like this CD

I like Christmas

Get me some Friskies or I'll cut off your Internets!

I like to eat grass and then barf on the carpet

I am NOT crazy. Stop saying that. I am misunderstood.

I keep my files on a flashdrive

Yes, a cat on a scanner. It's a cat scan. Hilarious.